Boots of Spanish Leather

Song number three definitely falls more in the category of reminding me of a place, a person or a moment that touched me.

In 2007 Amanda and I did a wonderful road trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon.

From Phoenix to the Grand Canyon

From Phoenix to the Grand Canyon

It was a magical day! Nothing prepared me for the majesty of the canyon, or the wind, or a restaurant that had farm raised catfish on the menu!!!

Catfish on the menu

Catfish on the menu

This was my introduction to the joys of an iPod (keep in mind that Apple products was then almost unheard of in South Africa), artist like Dar Williams (we’ll have something of hers later), and Nanci Griffith’s version of Boots of Spanish Leather.

Sometimes the people we love go on an adventure we have no part in, sometimes love is not enough, sometimes we just have to move on and sometimes all we have to show is boots of Spanish leather.


An awesome day!

An awesome day!

Last year, when Rose sailed the seven seas and needed to come home, I found this lovely version by Trevor Willmott and Juliana Richer Daily.


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