Snippets of home when you’re on the road

Like Afrikaans literature, good Afrikaans music is, in my opinion, few and far between.

During my Round the World trip, I was on my way from Europe to New York when Bernard shared Klein Tambotieboom, by Die Heuwels Fantasties, on Facebook and I was immediately smitten. Afrikaans music that I could actually listen to. Intelligent and eloquent with an extraordinary gift for wordplay.

I was met at the airport by fellow South African and CouchSurfing host extraodinaire, Dean. Except for the fact that his unique South African hospitality blew me away, I was able to get excited and share new music in my mother tongue with someone just as intelligent, who loves language just as much as I do.

Song number four is about the need to escape a life that brought no satisfaction, when even familiar faces start to look like strangers.


A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

I think the first time I went overseas (and maybe the second)  it was about seeing the world out there. It soon changed though. I believe nowadays I firstly travel to meet up with some of the many people I love in the great big world out there, and in the process see a couple of places I haven’t seen before.

When you are part of an international community like CouchSurfing you sometimes meet people on-line who impacts your life even though your paths have never crossed in the real world.

I have loved this song by Lisa Hannigan since Dev introduced me to her. An ode to all those loved ones you just haven’t met yet…

I do think I may have fallen in love with the enchanting video just as much as with the song!